Friday, 10 August 2012


At last after a whole day...7 15 or so till now...I have a render and copies of the film in the masters edit share account. plus one in my portable hard drive just in case!! I knew it could take a long time. but after leaving it to render all night it had not...two files had skipped off render two began at around 8 30 after I reimported the files. The second time around the edit computer was full and stopped render 10 minutes from the end!! The third time it just stopped...there was a small unrendered section..only the credits at the end take number four finally worked and we got it in to the account,I have stopped once for coffee and had no lunch - breakfast was at 6 am!! I think the sun is shining...just as well I came in so early.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

mix mix render

working today on final changes to the film. The section with Leila is  in response to McLaren's letter from America about fireflies. It makes a really good combination with the skating animation sequence. Great to nearly be there!! .

I also feel this particular piece of the final film sits very well with many dance films I have seen.

I looked at a film yesterday which uses motion graphic really well. Its the first I have seen which I feel uses the technology in a great way and something to think about collaborating on in the future. Masters peer Link has expressed an interest in my future project on McLaren and it would be great to work with him on developing the ideas we started on...

EMBRACE from Ashley Rae Pearsall on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012


I am beginning to sort through all my notes and sketchbooks to decide what I want to exhibit. John has specified that he wants me to show development stages in some way and sketch books seem the best source of evidence.

Reinhard in the end encouraged me to take images of the books to put in the frames. I am happy with the results even though it was extra work when I had little time. I was not clear how this would all look as only two frames were allocated each, but I managed to show a good cross section of work. So far there has been a good response to this. There are stills from the dance which show lighting and sketches of dance.

In the afternoon I work on linking all the sequences together.Anya Mya Zoe and Leila.
In the evening I ask Sandy Annan to rewrite the typed letter I am using fit with the feel of the film.
At night I work on credits and photograph the signature from my letter from Norman.

Monday, 6 August 2012

nearly there

Now really picking holes...timing fading in and out etc. I realise I could re do it again and again but anyhow I cut short some sections that seem too long to me...wanting the audience not to be bored!! I see another little mistake each time I look.

Nuria looks at the swan with me in after effects and we manage to get it looking a lot better. I put this in to the feather sequence and am happy with it. the masking around each frame of movement was a bit tedious but the result is better.
And finally write up all the credits so I have everyone's name etc Almost forgot to thank Reinhard!

Thursday, 2 August 2012

last adjustments

It has become clear that my film is going to be longer than 4 minutes and with Finn in Edinburgh and his recording equipment down there will have to be another solution. I have found a track of music/ sound which is perfect and titled ship on high seas!! so that fits perfectly with the first section allowing me to use Finn's music in the second section as planned.

I have added my sand animation to the sea section with Mya and it is really working for me. I inverted and slightly coloured it so it does really look like glowing starfish!! I also added in a still I took at Broughty Ferry by moonlight for this section. I have no time left now to add the sherrifmuir sky.

After my last tutorial with Sharon she suggested a piece of animation she had also done with sand which might fit. I had a look and tried it out. I found a spot for it but changed the colour to a blue and edited it in to the feet and sea section at the beginning.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Today I wake up exhausted and wondering how I am going to get to the end of the week! I also have a lunch to prepare for 40 people for Sunday! and visitors arriving tomorrow and the next day to stay for a week. It is hard to get out in the morning without being rude and I am later in than I would want to be. It is a beautiful day and I decide to step back from it all and stop for lunch across from college. I have not been eating very much but sitting at a computer all day I guess I do not need it.

I sit in the sun for about 20 minutes to eat then in to edit.
I work on Zoe's section again tidying up and fixing it till I am happy with it. This section is devoted to feathers swans and transformation. I end up really focussed and complete the whole section and render feels good. So stopping can be a good tactic! This time I also listen to music which I brought in. As usual the janitor comes to check on me and I leave at 8 15. I have got to know all the janitors and they have been great ...only one grump!! I realise to that I should always aim to finish early and leave the render overnight.

Some things have not made it into the film which is a shame..the face...the still of sherrifmuir just got forgotten. and I am still trying to solve the swan!! I ask Nuria about it and she kindly makes some great suggestions. We all have our favourite work modes but she now is realising  the style of my film. and also that I am not here to make a perfect animated film...that would take another degree!!