Friday, 3 December 2010

animated dance Erica Russell 'Feet of Song'

Feet of Song
A Film by Erica Russell

Russell addresses African rhythm and dance in this film in an almost cubist style.
This film was introduced to me by my photographer friend Marysia and I particularily like the tones of colour used in it. I studied Afro Caribbean dance technique during my years in Jamaica in the 70's and this film reminds me of that time. Studying the dance style helped me to understand the roots of many of the people there ( although the indiginous people of Jamaica were in fact the Arawak indians and they were wiped out by invaders and disease! Indians, Africans, Chinese, Libyans, Europeans and other nationalities were introduced to Jamaica over the centuries through the slave trade, Sugar industry etc).

I learned recently that Robert Burns was due to emigrate to Jamaica to work in the sugar industry along with many other Scots, but got his customs and excise work instead! I wish I had known that all those years ago!I did of course do a Burns supper while I was there...tho trying to explain 'Pusie Nancy' was interesting!