Friday, 8 October 2010

Strange Cakes from 4th Year animators?

No Though it has to be said that the cakes were delicious

Thank you Sarah and Rachel for those  
I will have to go home and bake a bigger version in chocolate for my son Finn Anderson (check his myspace!!! ) who will be 18 at tea time tomorrow!!

So what is this strange blue thing then? It is an egg cell splitting and developing to eventually form what my son Finn has become...a perfect human being!

These images are from St Andrews' University (research into development )and the subject of part of a dance piece performed at the Byre Theatre in 2003 entitled DANCE SPARK ;THE JOURNEY WITHIN. The title comes from Stanislavky's quote ' The greatest journey we will ever make is the journey within ourselves'.The whole programme of three three day pilot was called 'Dance Spark' after the spark of an idea came to me while talking with a scientist and a theatre person.We discussed the possibility of creating a 'Eureka' effect within a show, and applying to the Welcome foundation to stage it. The idea was to visualise the results of a series of reasrearch projects (at the university )into heart and nerve cells.The show we presented by way of exploration involved dancers, musicians, singers, original choreography and music plus an opportunity to talk with some of the scientists front of house.We were shortlisted for a WELLCOME trust £100.000 award.                                               


And so it begins..the loneliness of the long distance blogger.....
this phrase came to mind this morning, but in fact the opposite is probably the case.
Here I am, at Art College , learning about student life in the 21st century!! Sooooo
much to learn for an elder like me!

Notes on a virtual learning centre! Life drawing after so many years!
How to use a Mac! How to edit film,use an SLR camera,make a film,put a film on a flash drive,
keep a blog,make lunch with only a kettle,communicate to five different nationalities at once, debate rhetoric,keep up with the laundry,keep in touch with old and new chums,ways to drive to Dundee from Newburgh, places to park,..........the list is endless!!!!!!!!!

My presentation of past work was a journey in itself. I took my old VHS films and copied clips to digital tape, edited them on final cut pro in order to give a whistle stop tour of where I am coming from.
Given a few months practice I may be able to make a better job!!!!

Looking forward to the learning curve and to getting new work on film!!