Thursday, 30 June 2011

spook sport

Here I am in the McLaren archive in Stirling..reading through some of Norman's letters.I have just read about Miss Bute who had asked Norman to do some work for her on a film....He describes his hand painted work....and I conclude that the film must be Spook Sport. This was the only film Mary Ellen Bute was involved in with McLaren in the year I am looking at.It is so strange to be reading his letters about the making of this film and then be able to zip forward in time to see the film myself.I am reminded of 'Sliding Doors'...the film where you see two possibilities for the future.Norman worked very hard at making connections with
people.Mary Ellen Bute was one of those....and with whom he made this film.(This was at a time when he had just moved to New York and was trying to establish himself and find work.At this point he was also in discussion with NBC and CBC and had produced a short 1939 Christmas film for television).

Watching Spook Sport through with this extra knowledge is amazing.
there is a short piece near to dawn which for me is a choreography!
And the Cockrell appears even now..I must find out when his interest in chickens began!

And here, in one of his earliest professional films after leaving Britain, his understanding, sensing and perception of movement is evident.The fist frame after the title even calls the film a new kind of film ballet!

Sunday, 26 June 2011


Thanks Mark for sending me this link..This is a lovely idea..d'you think he is battling against airstream or water? Lovely way to show the air passing his body...How do you do this I wonder?
Supreme Believers - Nowness edit from Universal Everything on Vimeo.